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Engagement and ROI: The Synergy of Media for Gifts and Incentive Campaigns

I used to love looking through Travel & Leisure's Top Tour Operator lists and fantasizing about places I wanted to visit. All the top outfitters had one thing in common: beautiful pictures. Their tours simply looked more compelling. They all went to the same countries, but as a customer I wanted to see Kenya as it appeared in the best photos. 

The principle is simple: images drive emotion, emotion drives behavior. Luxury operators use photos as a proxy for their quality, so they create the best images to communicate their value, driving customer desire for their service over their competitors'.

Road to Hana, Maui 2005

Road to Hana, Maui 2005

The goal of a travel incentive is to engage employees just as luxury tour operators engage customers. My incentive clients enjoy two major benefits from my service: the first is a tangible keepsake for participants, preserving the incredible experience they earned for life and instilling a deeper appreciation between top performers and their employers; the second is a rich media campaign for promoting future incentives, featuring beautiful images of recognizable peers that showcase all that awaits the winners. 

Example coffee-table-style photo book of a road trip to Vancouver, Canada

Example coffee-table-style photo book of a road trip to Vancouver, Canada

The synergy of this model ensures that the inclusion of high end photography is not just cost-effective by fulfilling multiple purposes, but actually profitable by driving return on investment beyond what would be expected from the average campaign. 

Let’s discuss your incentive program and how having the best pictures will increase the value for winners, drive employees' desire to win, and increase your bottom line.

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