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Who Am I

Who is Sam Scrofani? How did he become uniquely prepared to shoot for incentive travel programs?



I believe in the power of images to compel, inspire and motivate people to want to see the world as I have.


For over 15 years, Sam Scrofani's drive to photograph the world has been the underlying motif throughout his every endeavor. All roads have pointed to his career telling stories through images. Drawing upon his diverse experiences - from studying film and international relations and working for the BBC, National Geographic, and ABC; to visiting over 80 cities across 20 countries, including living abroad - Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding about the world to his photography. His keen, empathetic eyes looks for visual beauty within the rare moments in life that sometimes emulate the cinema - moments that convey an emotion of a person or place.

Sam Scrofani Photography is a business focused on luxury and incentive travel. Having been through so many travel experiences, Sam is uniquely able to capture his clients' raw feelings as they experience a new destination. He renders those emotions in photographs that elicit powerful responses in viewers - either as memories or desires. Find out how this synergy creates a virtuous cycle for incentive travel programs and generates greater returns on investment. 


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